Surpassing the Body

a life well learned, or is that earned? a bleeder by design, a breeder by circumstance thrown off my game by words shouted in pain living in the gaps between analogy the fractured attach love and hate in the same glass mixtures of blood and cum a code mutation a living archive built for use […]

the dick that made me cry

I dreamt about you. I hate when I dream about you, it reminds me I still love you. My grandfather (Pops)–used to say to my Grandmother (Gam), ‘ahhh woman–lovin’ you is easy–it’s living with you that’s killin’ me.” She hated that–then he would chase her around, trying to make her dance to some jazz that […]


attaining things we never thought we would the photos from when we sailed high on the sun ship my smile consisting of snowflakes and sunshine our shadow that links has disappeared what without him are we? lost souls that once claimed the other as their prize mending the broken gashes of living the ascension of […]

slut iso love

He asked me– “don’t you want love, isn’t that the goal? Don’t you want to wake up next to someone?” And I sat there for a moment slightly dumbfounded. I wanted scream out. Yes! Damn it I do! of course I do, there is nothing I want more than that. I want to share a […]


For being a gangster he was simultaneously a child. Innocent, generous, and when he chose for it to be, his heart made of sunshine. He didn’t know how to take me. His shyness would wash over him whenever he approach me. Our first kiss was truly like a first kiss. As though we had never […]

San Franciscan Nights

Monogamy and infidelity are two words that often go together. Monogamy is a difficult, if not impossible, situation to remain in. I have yet to be in a monogamous relationship that has not lead to infidelity in many senses of the word. When the gangster cheated on me, it was worse than when the man […]

let it go

Guarded, controlled and yes– my body betrays with abandonment. And yes, I think you may be right, I do get some perverse pleasure in battling against the dichotomy of my mind and body. I am into dichotomy and my pussy is definitely into it. When I got to Chicago for round two I felt prepared. […]

Treasure Chest

Yesterday I received some feedback that I, and other female sex word spillers, do not discuss our tits enough, it’s always just pussy pussy pussy. So I thought I would re-post this one from 5/28/09. But first… Why do we not speak on our breast so often? Is it because of the duality of breasts, […]


drunk on your spit and pre-fluid–on what’s to come confidence–like love is fleeting I am caught in a pattern–ebb and flow the sacrifices made for cock and hunting eager between my legs–set logic to static white noise fills the voids–fingers the holes my wave ripple to catch your swell sunbaked in August love affair of […]

Weak Love

I was so weak for him. We existed in pain more than pleasure; we thrived on hurt, devastation and the breaking down of sexuality to ugly and base. I hated him, I loved him. I cried, cried and cried about him. I cried when we had sex, I cried while I willing let him rape […]