Cadavre Exquis Web 2.0: landscape painting

I bet you think I forgot about National Poetry Month…well, I didn’t. Another round of Cadavre Exquis Web 2.0/Tag Cloud poetry for  you. If inclined you can find most of my exquisite corpse poetry  in my new easy to read archive!

Landscape Painting 

contracted intent culminating
sleek– but yet to come
experience pulls fills moves
committed to every throb

clinched moments of light
moaned away a childhood
swallowed reception
needy pushed immersed

raw electric charge snaps
transcend dirty places
stay blissed- in our muffled wet weekend
memories erect fundamental obsessions

summertime lets you exhale
soft mannish prolific thoughts
fingertips perfect- sweet thrust
fleeting hue spreads across our landscape

© Copyright 2012 Library Vixen, All rights Reserved. Written For: Library Vixen
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    SF Noir #lakeview

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    Sister Rose Mary Chicken in the house at last nights author talk and gallery opening @centersexculture. You should be at any opening where there will be Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence! #SistersOfPerpetualIndulgence #SFSisters @SFsisters

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    Illustration by Katie Gilmartin from her new book Blackmail, My Love: a murder mystery. What a fun SF night!

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    Book page leaves. Repurpose the weeds. #bookart