Expect Nothing

A fellow hard working smut maker Joe Wehner has great interview up at The Fucked Up Crew with a shout out to Library Vixen. Thanks!

I love Joe’s video work, but I personally am very fond of his photography, it has a soft and personal feeling– and if it makes any sense I can feel the seasons in his photos– Autumn, Summer– they come through making the viewer nostalgic for something past.

by Joe Wehner

by Joe Wehner
On the LV front– I hope to get into what could be a very interesting photo shoot this weekend. A lovely man I had few romping good times with is feeling frisky and so is his lovely new wife. Oh big vixen smile. But, as in life I expect nothing– or at least I try not to. In the library I tell the patron- “expect nothing and you will find a lot.”  I think this motto works in the library as well as it does in life. Being able to live by the motto though, is the hard part. I will come prepared for anything and hope to get some great shots!
Have a wonder dirty smutty weekend everyone.

by LV

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One Response to “Expect Nothing”
  1. Vox says:

    So, “Blessed are those who expect nothing, for they shall never be disappointed,” yes? Ah Milady, if only it were easier done than said, chez Vox! Man, I wish.

    For the record, I’ll suggest that’s not really your style, either. You seem way too bold and ballsy to bring your hopes, dreams and aspirations indoors just because reality might rain on them, right?

    Cool notion, though.

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    Big fat 15 spotted lady bug on my sock.

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    Rainbow cross walks!

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