I really wasn’t expecting anything other than dinner with a long time email correspondant from the East Coast. I knew we had a lot in common– music, film, art..sex- but I have those things in a common with a lot of people.

That flutter of anticipation filled us, almost like children, we nearly ran to the elevator, past the bar– not even stopping for a drink. Seeming to chase  glimpses of something “pure”, moments of something– a love affair perhaps— I’m not sure really, other than it felt genuine, and it felt pure. These moments of “pure” have been on my mind frequently these days.

There may have been some awkwardness– because, even though I’m in your hotel room, even after you professed us to be soul mates– I still was not convinced on staying. Inside your tiny room- I began to inspect for this so called “view” I just had to see. Viewing prelude.

How could I be thinking of fucking this man– in my cynical nature– I could already see the “pure” threaded with the tragic– as it often is with sex. Plus I was so unprepared– unkempt legs and kitty, fading and chipped nail polished toes, still in the same work cloths I’d been in all day,  on my period and did not bring even one little sex toy or condoms. I had no buisness fucking in such a state.

But– there is always a but-– always an exception to make for the right person, for moments of pure–despite the tragedy that comes along for the ride. Sometimes you can’t tell if it’s the right person to make an exception for– until you fuck them.

Leaning over the desk to look at the view of the cinder blocked architecture and silver hued rooftops of the adjoining buildings– you come in from behind– your cock firm already nudging into my skirt covered ass cheeks, your arms and hands clasping my full tits. Even in my civil service girl bra- hard and utilitarian– I could feel my nipples harden. Then your lips, breath, and whisper on the back of my neck. That was it, all I needed. Electric from neck, through spine, to cunt.

Tilting my ear toward your lips– I want your breath and words. Flushed.

I stop your kisses and hands, telling you before it goes any further that I’m on my period. It matters not to you– and therefore not to me.

From that point on the evening was blur– I felt high, though I was unbelievably sober–  my normal exacting details are not in my mind. The night became a tangle of tightening and straining of limbs, breaths heavy with inhale and exhale. Our mouths, lips and hands clawing for a freedom and acceptance–cock to cunt in search of one another.

I love that moment of first discovering your cock. What sweet treat will I find to work with? I like to linger before getting to full exposure, take me time feeling you get hard in my hands, wrapping the soft red fabric of the boxers around your branch– defining your cock. Big hungry smile. Happily I dive in, I want to compose to memory as much of your cock as I can in this short time.

It doesn’t take long before my mouth and hand discovers how to make you throb and jump- a swirl of my tongue around the tip, slow slide with my mouth– keeping you inside my throat– then back up. A heavy sigh of release escapes when I filled my mouth with your balls, stroking your shaft with slow concentration. Memorization. Filing those moments away– of what it feels like when you want to cum– for when I am ready for you fill my mouth with cum.

I want to cum first and I do, twice.

Your generous mouth, tongue and fingers bring my unprepared kitty so close– generally I am an easy cum– but on my period and with a new man– it took some work and a lot of licking– once that first one was released though– I felt like I was having mini orgasms the rest of the night– including one induced just by sweet filth whispered into my ear– electric. And one leaving my pussy convulsing and soaking around your fingers– pulled from me  and on to you.

Back and forth we tangle, wrestling our mouths to groin and the pages between. I need to feel you inside of me, I want to feel my pussy throb around you– more than anything I just need to feel you filling me and not leaving, not moving– just filling me. A wave of wanting to express love– or something like it — rushes over me– and it’s pure– and I don’t have words for it.

The entire night was– fucking, sucking, stroking– dozing and then our coming back to each other. Finding your cock in the night hard and soft simultaneously– your skin feeling velvety as I softly stroke you. Both of us lost in a sleep sex daze as I take you in my mouth– loving you the only way I can– I did– love you, love your cock. Inducing you to cum with my love- my mouth surrounding you, my tits squeezing your shaft bringing cum spurting out — filling my mouth and spilling out onto my tits. I lick your flavor up and we drift back asleep.

Night continues to morning, our bodies and mouths remained in constant entanglement until the end.

Leaving memories behind– a nice bruise on my thigh and tender bottom from a series swats a barely recall. Lingering memories tangled.

© Copyright 2012 Library Vixen, All rights Reserved. Written For: Library Vixen
8 Responses to “Entanglement”
  1. khavren says:

    It is good that you were able to ignore the fear of tragedy to enjoy the pure moment of bliss. Life is defined by those moments when we are able to transcend our perception of the loss of the future to exist in the everlasting now.

  2. khavren says:

    Also, that sounded damn hot, like one of my fantasies come to life :)

  3. Vox says:

    It’s time to just come out and admit it: I envy you for your way with words. Jaded and tired and always pressed for time, it’s rare I find a reliable source of erotica that raises my consciousness and my cock simultaneously. I can’t remember how I stumbled into this, but I’m glad.

  4. max says:

    wow. et wow encore.

  5. Old Hawg says:

    Vixen, you do have a way with words. Other things to, I might add.

  6. khavren : thank you. I like this idea of moments– the moments, these fragments of bliss– are all we have– life like dust…

    Vox: ahhh you say the sweetest things, sometimes. 😉 Appreciate the read. xo

    max: encore indeed!

    Old Hawg: thank you my dear.

  7. BJ says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for a long time, and I must finally share something.

    The kinkiest, craziest, most explicit pornography on the entire Internet does not get me as hard as reading Library Vixen. Thank you so much, whoever you are, for all the fantastic erections over the years.

  8. BJ– well thank you so much for finally saying something. You are quite welcome and happy to make you hard over the years. xo

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