Detached & Analyzed

I had the weekend to analyze.

I knew, even before he came I wasn’t going to be that into him– there were signs, comments, hints…but I was still willing to give it a go,  to enjoy the weekend- or I should say, I was willing to enjoy his cock.

We didn’t waste time– I was between his thighs in matter of minutes of opening the door.  From the moment of feeling your cock begin to grow under your jeans– it became about the cock, about my love of cock. When I unzipped and opened the fly to your jeans your branch just behind that thin cotton of underwear, the scent filling my nose and the growing thickness against my cheek instantly made me wet and needy– and what I’ve determined,  it was not because of the man attached to the cock– it was the cock.

It never slipped into imagining another mans cock, the separation came from the man– it became just cock, sweet cock I wanted to lick and slow swirl my tongue around, to tease and drain that salty brined pre cum onto my tongue, to bring you to the edge of coming and then right back down– only to take you right back there. Slutty attachment, detached.

The blow job became a disconnected sort of blow job– a disconnect from the man I had no connection to- it became strictly cock love. Having a cock so close to my cheeks and lips, that smell, the feeling of my breath making it grow under boxers– at that moment I was lost– my breath– deep, heavy and panting-  my mouth and my pussy becoming consumed with a deep want of cock. In that moment it didn’t matter this man meant little to me– and  never would.

Becoming consumed and steering the situation– I adjust so my full tits can be free, I want your cock to be lost in them. Sliding from my lips to between my tits makes me slip into thoughts of fucking, my hips reflecting these thoughts– with each slide of your cock into my mouth or into my tits my hips thrust down and my pussy clenches around imaginary cock, while my mouth works yours. I did not really intend to make you cum like this, but it happened– your cum spilling into my mashed tits pumping out like a mini fountain across mine and yours– I watched the sticky mess squish around your shaft as it lingered, sliding and disappearing in and out of my flesh– the cum settling and becoming sticky mess between us.

My turn–  and now I wonder at this point, are you too disconnecting the woman from the cunt. It was an absolute pleasure to feel my pussy get wet, the slow stroke of fingertips bringing me back to the height of excitement I was feeling when your cock was in my mouth.  At first I thought it may not happen– then I allowed myself to slip away- to let  your fingers and tongue bring me there. Finding my little clit with the tip of your finger, licking for more viscosity, then filling me, pumping into me with your fingers, I could feel the walls of my vagina closing, tightening and wanting to cum. I’m an easy cum and maybe somewhere in the back of my mind I knew it might be my only chance to  do so at hands of this man– even though he wasn’t the man.

Pressing and pushing out on my belly and into my vulva, your hands and fingers filling and pumping into  my cunt and your mouth devouring my pussy– I could feel it from my breath to my core. My hips thrusting and my insides clinching– I could feel the orgasm being pulled out– I summed my mind and vocal cords to mutter your name,  it sounded foreign, insincere and strange. But– the cum did not– when you came up for air your cock was nice and hard bouncing around– “put a condom and fuck me,” I pleaded.

The fucking was not the same and I think somewhere in my mind I knew then– this is not what either of us wanted– but I ignored it– saving my own disillusioned dejected for morning.


© Copyright 2012 Library Vixen, All rights Reserved. Written For: Library Vixen
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  1. Robitj says:

    I will always like your matter of fact style of describing completely mind blowing sex. You never disguise your lust in useless allegory. You get to the point and you are amazing.

  2. Thank you Robitj! xoxo

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