Feature Artist: Joe Wehner

Joe Wehner is an artist I have featured here before– what can I say– I like his work. Mainly, because it reminds me of the seasons– seasons that I equate with nostalgia and my past– summers beginning, fall turning to winter– the freedom of sun warming my skin, the cold of an autumn morning filling my nose, mornings gray with rain- the hardwood floors cold on my feet feeling the losses of love. With each image I am taken to a place reminiscent of a life lived in seasons. Like a scent that captures you and travels you back to a specific moment in time– Wehner’s image possess the same ability.

Wehner is not only a photographer, but also a videographer as well. His films range from shorts less than a minute to longer short films like “The Art of Taphonomy”. Wehner’s films have a knack for catching the innocence, realness and sometimes sadness of his models–  there will be a catch of a smile that captures all the beauty and tragedy that encompass a woman– plus the soundtrack he chooses for the pieces make for a perfect combination.

Joey Wehner on Tumblr

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