Intermission by Mateo de la Rioja

Feature Artist: Mateo de la Rioja

I’ve been following Mateo de la Rioja’s work since 2009, and am honored to have him as a featured artist and to watch his progression as as photographer. The images that first caught by eye were his diptych and triptych works. The dichotomy he captures in these pieces is eroitc and sexual mixed with a clinical anatomy lesson in sexuality and love- if that is possible.

With his partner and himself as subject– De le Rioja captures moments of reality and shards of time that are raw, honest and super hot.  In his work one can also see an experimental side in pieces such as in Fétiche and Golden Arch — De la Rioja portrays to us a study of sex in relation to self and other– be it experimental or with a more traditional eye. However you look at– this documented sex life is charged with eroticism– plus…what a lovely cock!

Lips by Mateo de la Rioja

Onanism I by Mateo de la Rioja

Intermission by Mateo de la Rioja

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2 Responses to “Feature Artist: Mateo de la Rioja”
  1. Robitj says:

    Great photo’s produce an emotional response inside you and in Lips, my first reaction was to just squeeze my legs together..

    I smiled at Onanism because I (like most men) can actually feel that exact moment…

  2. Robitj: I agree, very emotional. Thanks for the read and comment!

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    Now I know why they call him the Big Guy!

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    Found on the kids board at the library #unicorns!

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