Feature Artist: Erin the Artist

This weeks feature artist, coming straight out of Oakland baby– Erin the Artist!

Erin is an analog kinda girl- shoots in film, hangs out in dark rooms and abondend places creating unique, wonderfully strange and very self exploratory works of art that blur the boundaries between documentation and fiction.

Much of Erin’s work is self portraits. These self shots are all so different– the contrasting personas of Erin the Artist. She captures shots of herself that range from femme powerful, sexually charged, often containing a glimmer of a secret– as if, we the viewer, could  only beging to know what is the mind of that particular personality being represented. Secrets to stories unfolding, ending or just beginning.

Erin also photographs models who are also artist, such as past feature artist– April-lea Hutchinson and artist/model Vivian De Milo (who I have a huge crush on). These works created with other artist achieve intimate, haunting and fantastically strange portraits.

Erin the Artist,  is truly creating work that stand by her name.

To see all my favorite shots, please stop by the Library Vixen Tumblr.

Erin The Artist

April-lea Hutchinson
Vivian De Milo

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